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Canada's Leading Hi-End Audio Specialist Retailer

25 years experience in both tube gear and solid state amplification, mainly with Mark Levinson, Krell, Threshold, Jeff Rowland, Spectral, Klyne, McIntosh, Copland and Audio Research products.

HiFi Joe has built a reputation as Toronto's most innovative, informed, friendly - and sometimes chaotically busy - both tube gears and solid state amplifier.

We believes that hi-fi, should be fun, fun, fun. While you, our customers expect personal service and expert advice, we aim to make the choice of buying a rewarding and relaxing experience. All of our staff are happy to help - please visit our products page for more information.

Feel free to pop in and we will always try to accommodate, but can't always guarantee a listen straight away. Since we strongly encourage listening to equipment before you buy, why not book a demonstration first; by phone, e-mail or in store. As part of our service, we can also visit your home to discuss hi-fi, Home Cinema or Multiroom in one or more rooms.

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